Alabama Divorce Lawyer Provides Aggressive Legal Counsel

Dealing with divorce and family law issues can be daunting. In addition to confusing legal concepts, emotions and feelings of trauma can often make rational decisions difficult, especially for people who do not regularly have contact with the law.

Jonathan Lusk understands the obstacles many clients face. He will sit down and listen to your legal concerns and discuss the best way to resolve them. He deals personally with you, returns phone calls promptly, and makes sure your questions are answered in plain English.

Whenever possible, Jonathan strives to create negotiated settlements that best meet his clients’ needs without incurring the extra costs of lengthy court battles. However, he does not compromise his clients’ rights, aggressively pursuing a favorable judgment in court, if necessary.

Modifying Alabama family law judgments
Unfortunately, in some cases only half the battle is won when a judge makes a ruling. Alabama law spells out serious legal consequences for failing to pay child and spousal support — including even jail time. However, if you are truly unable to pay the specified amount, you must contact a competent Alabama family lawyer quickly to request a modification.

If a judge orders the custodial parent to allow you weekly visits with your children and your ex fails to comply, an Alabama domestic relations lawyer can help you gain that essential right. In fact, whatever your concerns regarding pre- and post-marital issues, Jonathan Lusk stands ready to help you.